We are an online advertising network dedicated to delivering the best quality traffic. This includes directing visitors and buying customers to advertising agencies, and also supporting advertisers that want to build their online presence and increase sales.

Advertisers only pay for the traffic they buy. We offer various options including a risk-free CPC offer for advertisers to test our traffic. No prepay, no fine print here. We also offer traffic on a CPM, CPA, CPI or CPL basis, depending on our advertiser’s goals and preferences.

BOT traffic is rampant these days and we understand why advertisers are nervous about spending their media budget on just any CPC network. While we are not a so-called ‘Top Tier’ network, we like to prove our credentials, and even direct some traffic to a number of these Top Tier networks.

We figure the best way to put our advertisers at ease is to provide a risk-free option and let our traffic do the talking. We are so confident about the quality of our traffic that we invite you to test it.

The risk-free offer is for our CPC buyers and is very straightforward. We’ll send you some clicks to test over a period of a few days – 1-2,000 visitors for Premium traffic or 3-4,000 visitors for audience building (PV/TOS). If you like the results, you pay for the clicks and we’ll send you some more. If you don’t like what we have provided, we simply won’t charge you for it.

We like to keep it simple; there is no deposit and no prepay. However, we are confident that you’ll like the traffic we send and ask for more!

Some advertisers like to work on a CPA, CPI or CPL basis. In these cases, we ask you to send us your offer, allow us to review it and see if we can accommodate it.

We are so flexible that we will consider CP… (whatever) – as long as the offer and payout make sense to us.

Yes, we have some limitations. These include not allowing advertisers to run Adult campaigns, so-called ‘Tech-Support’ offers, or anything that promotes hatred or illegal activities. And for publishers, we do not allow any incentive-based traffic.

To make this as clear and as fair as possible, we ask all our advertisers and publishers to follow the IAB guidelines and be compliant with this organization’s rules.

This depends on the type of feeds we are provided with. If an advertiser supplies traffic via an XML feed, a campaign can be started within 24 hours of receiving the feed and integration instructions. For redirect campaigns (where we send traffic to a specific URL) then it usually takes 2-3 days.

We are able to provide any type of display advertisement through our our owned and operated websites including banners, video (pre- and post-roll, plus infomercial and promotional), contextual links, POP, sponsored pages and articles and other options.