With travel restrictions and concerns about COVID transmission looming large, travel is off the agenda for most of us right now. But you can still broaden your horizons by travelling from the comfort of your armchair – these specially selected TV programmes will whisk you away – and broaden your


Everyone has had to make sacrifices in 2020 due to the pandemic – whether it is missing out on socialising, lack of work opportunities, or just not being able to visit elderly and vulnerable family members. It has been incredibly difficult for everyone.  Things may feel bleak just now – after a very restricted Christmas,


Growing up in the mid-west, I loved snow days. Waking up to the silent snow-covered world, watching the news to see if your school was calling or a snow day, there was no better feeling for a kid. Once I would see my schools name scroll across the news screen


The year 2020 brought with it so much heartache, pain, and confusion. Uncertainty was the daily norm, and businesses worldwide had to say goodbye and close their doors forever. The fallout of the events that led up to the pandemic is still in effect, and the fear that more businesses


It is no secret that with the pandemic we are experiencing more and more people are finding themselves either without jobs or having their hours drastically cut. These can be some of the most terrifying times or we can look at the silver linings and finally use this time to


In order to promote the creative endeavor that your book is, you can employ some creative methods! But if you’re author who needs a little boost in brainstorming to successfully promote your book, take a look at some of these possible avenues. I can remember being in a class in


Many people are working from home these days. Some employees telecommute for their jobs, but others are self-employed freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and consultants. Running a home-based business means freedom and flexibility, but it also means putting in the hard work to make the business grow. A home-based business doesn’t


There are little feelings better than the feeling you get from harvesting your own food. With extremely uncertain times, more and more small farms or “backyard farms” are popping up every day. There is a certain freedom you are given when you know that no matter what happens around you,


Now that 2020 is over we can hopefully take a deep breath and push all the negative thoughts about last year away. One great thing about 2020 was some of the games released like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last of Us Part II, DOOM Eternal, Ghost of Tsushima, Assassins


Reading is one of the best ways to escape one’s reality and find out what it would be like to walk in another person’s shoes. Luckily there is an ever-growing library of books that we are able to use as our gateway to this other world. One of my favorite


So much attention is given to certain works in the literary world, ones that have stood the test of time to cement their statuses as classics. While there’s something to be said for a book that’s survived so long and has become a staple in the academic world, I’m fully


In my experience, being an aunt has involved a number of things, like water fights, catching lightning bugs (fireflies, if you’re not familiar with the term), and decorating the porch with sidewalk chalk. But one of the most precious activities as an aunt, to me, has been baking with my